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Get a no-cost genetic test for your child without leaving your home

If your child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP) or has signs and symptoms of cerebral palsy without a clear cause, there might be a genetic reason.

PTC Pinpoint Direct™* is an innovative, sponsored testing program that helps parents get the answers they deserve. It breaks down the barriers to genetic testing for CP by giving parents the ability to directly initiate the testing process, get a sample collection kit sent to their home, and receive expert genetic counseling—all at no cost for eligible patients.

Explore PTC Pinpoint Direct and how it works
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If your child is ineligible for this program, talk to your child’s doctor about other available no-cost genetic testing programs.

Talk to your child’s doctor about getting tested through the PTC Pinpoint™ Neurotransmitter Disorders program or the PTC Pinpoint™ CP Spectrum program. These are no-cost genetic testing and counseling programs for individuals in the US and Canada who are suspected of having a neurotransmitter disorder or who have symptoms of cerebral palsy (CP) with an unknown cause.

*This program is available for patients with symptoms of CP or patients who have been diagnosed with CP without risk factors for an acquired brain injury. Available in the US only.